Pep Rally
Pep Rally
Released 2010
Recorded 2011, 2012
Genre Hip hop
Length 27:13
Produced by RJF

Pep Rally is the second mixtape by American rapper and singer Hoodie Allen.

Track listingEdit

Title Length
"Look At What We Started" 3:05
"Swimming With Sharks" 2:58
"Tighten Up" 3:02
"January Jones" featuring Chris Wallace 3:19
"You Are Not A Robot" 3:26
"Party At The Beach House" 2:52
"So Much Closer" featuring Rocky Business 3:44
"Words Of Wisdom" 3:24
"C.R.A.V.E." 3:16
"Joy & Misery" 1:41
"Get It Big Time" 3:21